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Nestle Munchies
Nestlé Munchies

Munchies are a type of confectionery produced by Nestlé. They were introduced by the British firm Mackintosh's in 1957.[1] The brand was later acquired by Nestlé as part of its takeover of Rowntree Mackintosh in 1988.

The original variety of Munchies are individual milk chocolate-coated sweets with a caramel and biscuit centre.

In 1995 the confectionery formerly known as Mintola (near-identical in appearance to Munchies, but consisting of plain chocolate with a mint fondant centre) was renamed Mint Munchies.[2] In 2006, Mint Munchies were again renamed, this time as After Eight Bitesize.[3][4] In September 2019, Nestle launched a new flavour of the Munchies confection - Chocolate fudge brownie.


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