Muncho Pass

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Muncho Pass
Elevation1,095 m (3,593 ft)
Traversed byAlaska Highway
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
RangeCanadian Rockies
Coordinates58°49′57″N 125°43′49″W / 58.83250°N 125.73028°W / 58.83250; -125.73028Coordinates: 58°49′57″N 125°43′49″W / 58.83250°N 125.73028°W / 58.83250; -125.73028

Muncho Pass (el. 1,095 m or 3,593 ft), also known as Muncho Lake Pass, Drogheda Lake Pass, or Muncho-Toad Pass, is the northernmost mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains to be traversed by a public highway. Located in Muncho Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada, the pass links the Toad River and Trout River drainages. The Alaska Highway travels across the pass.

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