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Municipal City
Korean transcription(s)
 • Chosŏn'gŭl
 • Hancha
 • McCune-Reischauer Munch'ŏn si
 • Revised Romanization Muncheon-si
Country North Korea
Province Kangwon Province
Climate Dwa

Munch'ŏn (Korean pronunciation: [mun.tsʰʌn]) is a North Korean city located in Kangwŏn Province. It lies on the coast of the Sea of Japan (East Sea of Korea) and borders Wonsan.


Munch'ŏn sits on Yŏnghŭng Bay, a bay of the Sea of Japan, on lowland seacoast terrain. The Masingryŏng Mountain Range is to the southwest. The Sokko Mountain Range and Ch'ŏllyŏng Mountain Range are also located here, and Kulttuk Peak is the highest mountain in the region. The main river is the Namch'ŏn River.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Munch'ŏn is divided into 16 tong and 14 ri:

  • Changbaek-tong
  • Haean-dong
  • Haebangsan-dong
  • Hwangsŏk-tong
  • Kangch'ŏl-dong
  • Kap'yŏng-dong
  • Koam-dong
  • Kwanp'ung-dong
  • Munch'ŏn-dong
  • Munp'yŏng-dong
  • Okp'yŏng-dong
  • Pukhaeng-dong
  • Sam'o-dong
  • Sinan-dong
  • Sŏngmun-dong
  • Ŭnjŏng-dong
  • Kaŭl-li
  • Kyosŏng-ri
  • Namch'ang-ri
  • Pubang-ri
  • Ryongjŏl-li
  • Ryongt'al-li
  • Samdong-ri
  • Samhwa-ri
  • Sam'il-li
  • Sinsong-ri
  • Sŏkchŏl-li
  • Songjung-ri
  • Tapch'ol-li
  • Tŏkhŭng-ri


Agriculture and fishery[edit]

Fishery, fruit, and livestock are the main industries of the region. Grain is the main agricultural product.


Munch'ŏn has reserves of zinc, gold, silver, limestone, dolomite, granite and clay. Anthracite is also produced.


Munch'ŏn-si is served by the Kangwŏn Line of the Korean State Railway, with stations at Koam-dong, Okp'yŏng-dong and Munch'ŏn-dong.

Further reading[edit]

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Coordinates: 39°15′32″N 127°21′22″E / 39.259°N 127.356°E / 39.259; 127.356