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Mundo Obrero (English: Workers World) is the periodical of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE).[1] The paper is based in Madrid, Spain.

History and profile[edit]

Mundo Obrero was first published on 14 November 1931.[2][3] During its initial phase the paper was edited by Peruvian journalist César Falcón and was financed by the Soviet Union.[3] Its headquarters is in Madrid.[4] One of its notable contributors was Dolores Ibárruri.[5] Its editor-in-chief was Jesus Hernández on the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.[6] The paper was illegally published during the rule of Franco.[2]

The paper is published fortnightly[1] and contains articles related to the Spanish and international political situations, the opinions of the different bodies of the party as well as relevant party members, and on the activities of the Party and the Communist Youth Union of Spain (UJCE).


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