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Mundo de Fieras (1991) is a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Venevisión. It was written by Ligia Lezama and directed by Gabriel Walfenzao. This telenovela lasted 239 episodes and it achieved a significant amount of success in Venezuela. It was distributed internationally by Venevisión International. Mundo de Fieras was remade by Televisa under the same name.


Mundo de Fieras is a story full of humanity, true love and sacrifice. It is the story of the consequences of the irresponsible parenthood of Leoncio Palacios. Charito Flores is a country girl, poor, innocent and sensitive, who has grown up to become painfully aware of her low social position. As time goes by, Charito develops into a young beauty obliged to live in an inhospitable world, which molds her into a charming and aggressive survivor. Charito, with her violent tenderness, is an authentic savage being. Jose Manuel Bustamante, with his strong, honest character, is Charitoґs guardian angel, awakening in her, her deepest feelings. Miriam Palacios becomes Charitoґs most devout enemy, succeeding with her intense hatred, and her brutal treatment, to make a deep impression on the fragile and humble life of the young woman. Joselyn Bustamante, a hysterical woman on the brink of madness, completes this explosive triangle which surrounds Charito in a whirlwind of romance, passion and violence. The sacrificial love of Ivan Soriano, the birth of a son, the loyalty of friends and the intense hatred of enemies are the factors which complete the plot of this electrifying drama.


International release[edit]

Country TV Channels Local Title
 Romania Acasa TV O lume a fiarelor


Mundo de Fieras was remade in Mexico by producer Salvador Mejia and starred Edith González, César Évora, Helena Rojo, Carmen Salinas, Gaby Espino, Ernesto LaGuardia, Michelle Vieth, Rene Casados, and Azela Robinson.

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