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Dolphins and synchronized swimming.jpg
Dolphin show at Mundomar
Location Costa Blanca, Spain
Coordinates 38°32′27″N 0°05′36″W / 38.540714°N 0.0934267°W / 38.540714; -0.0934267Coordinates: 38°32′27″N 0°05′36″W / 38.540714°N 0.0934267°W / 38.540714; -0.0934267

Mundomar is a marine animal park located in Benidorm, in Costa Blanca, Spain. It is twinned with the water park Aqualandia, which is directly adjacent to it, and shares the same car park. There is a viewing area at the top of Mundomar next to the Dolphinarium, which gives a view of the majority of Aqualandia.

Many different species can be viewed at Mundomar, including dolphins, sea lions, penguins, meerkats and many more marine and land animals.

There are dolphin, sea lion, and parrot displays several times a day at the park, where visitors can watch trained handlers interacting with the animals, and putting on spectacular shows.

Mundomar is usually open from February to December.

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