Mung Bean Flower

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Mung Bean Flower
GenreHistorical period drama
Written byJeong Hyun-min
Directed byShin Kyung-soo
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
Camera setupSingle-camera
Production company(s)C-JeS Entertainment[1]
DistributorSeoul Broadcasting System
Original networkSBS TV
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original releaseApril 2019 (2019-04)

Mung Bean Flower (Hangul녹두꽃; RRNokdukkot) is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Jo Jung-suk, Yoon Shi-yoon and Han Ye-ri. It is set to premiere in spring of 2019 on SBS.[2][3]


It tells the story of two half-brothers from separate mothers but share the same father who both fight on opposite sides in the Battle of Ugeumchi that took place in 1894 during the Donghak Peasant Revolution.[2][3][4]



The illegitimate older son who was born out of wedlock as the son of his father's wife's handmaid and is discriminated against by his family due to his mother's low status.[2][3]
The legitimate younger son who received an elite education in Japan and is preparing for the national civil service exam.[2][3]
A daughter of an elite family who is charismatic and strong-minded. She also runs a shop where she trades goods for money.[1][2]


Yi-kang and Yi-hyun's father who is a notorious and wealthy government official in the town of Gobu. He is greedy for reputation due to his complex about his low birth.[3][5]
  • Min Sung-wook as Choi Kyung-seon
Yi-kang's ally who is the commander of the vanguard unit of rebel army.[6]
The owner of a local apothecary who become the revolutionary leader.[7]


Early working title of the series is Ugeumchi (Hangul우금티).[3]


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