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Munger division, Bihar
मुंगेर प्रमंडल, बिहार
Munger division.svg
Location of Munger division in Bihar
Districts Munger, Jamui, Khagaria, Lakhisarai, Begusarai and Sheikhpura.
Headquarters Munger
Population (2011) 6,408,375
Commissioner Lian Kunga[1]

Munger division is an administrative geographical unit of Bihar state of India. Munger is the administrative headquarters of the division. Currently (2015), the division consists of Munger district, Jamui district, Khagaria district, Lakhisarai district, Begusarai district and Sheikhpura district. Earlier all these districts were part of Munger (earlier known as Monghyr) district.[2][3]

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Coordinates: 24°45′N 85°00′E / 24.750°N 85.000°E / 24.750; 85.000

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