Munglinup River

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Munglinup River
Country Australia
Basin features
Main source 185 metres (607 ft)[1]
River mouth Oldfield Estuary
sea level
Basin size 32,300 hectares (79,815 acres)[2]
Physical characteristics
Length 41 kilometres (25 mi)

The Munglinup River is an ephemeral river in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia.

The headwaters of the river rise near Cheadanup Nature Reserve. It flows in a southerly direction through cleared farmland, then crossing the South Coast Highway near the town of Munglinup before discharging into the Oldfield River, of which it is a tributary, approximately 8 kilometres (5 mi) from the coast. For most of the length of the river it is within a vegetated corridor, the surrounding land is mostly cleared for stock with only about 15% remnant vegetation remaining. The river only flows in the winter months and the water is naturally saline or brackish.[3]

The only tributary to the river is Clayhole Creek.

The word Munglinup is Indigenous Australian in origin and of unknown meaning. The name was first recorded by C.D. Price, a surveyor in 1875. The Dempster Brothers first used the name for their sheep station in 1860.[4]


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Coordinates: 33°47′07″S 120°50′14″E / 33.78528°S 120.83722°E / -33.78528; 120.83722