Mungyeong Massacre

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Mungyeong Massacre
North Gyeongsang map.png
North Gyeongsang, South Korea.
LocationSouth Korea
Date24 December 1949[1]
TargetCommunist sympathizer civilians
Attack type
PerpetratorsSyngman Rhee anticommunist forces

The Mungyeong Massacre[1] (Korean: 문경 양민학살 사건,[3] Hanja: 聞慶良民虐殺事件) was a massacre conducted by 2nd and 3rd platoon, 7th company, 3rd battalion, 25th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division of the South Korean Army on 24 December 1949 of 86 to 88 unarmed citizens in Mungyeong, North Gyeongsang district of South Korea, all of whom were civilians and a majority of whom were children and elderly people.[2][4][3][5] The victims included 32 children.[3] The victims were massacred because they were suspected communist supporters or collaborators.[2][6]However, the South Korean government blamed the crime on communist guerrillas for decades.[1][5]

On 26 June 2006, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Korea concluded that the massacre was committed by the South Korean Army.[5] However, a South Korean local court decided that charging the South Korean government with the massacre was barred by statute of limitations, as the five-year prescription ended in December 1954.[1] On 10 February 2009, the South Korean high court also dismissed the victim's family complaint.[5][6][1] In June 2011, the Supreme Court of South Korea decided that the South Korean government should compensate victims of the inhumane crimes it had committed regardless of the deadline to make the claim.[1]

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