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Munich East station

Coordinates: 48°07′37″N 11°36′17″E / 48.12694°N 11.60472°E / 48.12694; 11.60472
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Munich East

München Ost
Deutsche Bahn
Munich tramway
Entrance building on Orleansplatz
General information
LocationOrleansplatz 11, Haidhausen, Munich, Bavaria
Coordinates48°07′37″N 11°36′17″E / 48.12694°N 11.60472°E / 48.12694; 11.60472
Platforms6 island platforms
Tracks14 [1]
Other information
Station code4241[3]
DS100 codeMOP[4]
Fare zoneMVV: M[5]
Opened1 May 1871; 153 years ago (1871-05-01)
Preceding station DB Fernverkehr Following station
München Hbf ICE 11 Rosenheim
Munich-Pasing IC 24
München Hbf ICE 62 Rosenheim
München Hbf EC/RJ 62 Rosenheim
towards Graz Hbf
München Hbf IC 87 Rosenheim
towards Wien Hbf
München Hbf
EC 89 Rosenheim
Preceding station ÖBB Following station
München Hbf
Railjet Rosenheim
towards Salzburg Hbf
Nightjet Rosenheim
Preceding station EuroCity Following station
München Hbf
EuroCity Rosenheim
towards Rimini
München Hbf Rosenheim
München Hbf
Preceding station Following station
München Hbf
RE 4
Limited service
Dorfen Bahnhof
RB 40 Markt Schwaben
RB 48 Grafing Bahnhof
Preceding station Following station
München Hbf
RE 5 Rosenheim
towards Salzburg Hbf
RB 54 Grafing Bahnhof
towards Kufstein
Preceding station Munich S-Bahn Following station
Munich Rosenheimer Platz S1 Munich Leuchtenbergring
Munich Rosenheimer Platz S2 Munich Leuchtenbergring
towards Erding
Munich Rosenheimer Platz
towards Mammendorf
S3 Reverses direction
Munich St.-Martin-Straße
towards Holzkirchen
Munich Rosenheimer Platz
towards Geltendorf
S4 Munich Leuchtenbergring
towards Ebersberg
Munich Rosenheimer Platz
towards Tutzing
Munich Rosenheimer Platz S7 Reverses direction
Munich St.-Martin-Straße
towards Kreuzstraße
Munich Rosenheimer Platz
towards Herrsching
S8 Munich Leuchtenbergring
Preceding station Munich U-Bahn Following station
towards Laimer Platz
U5 Innsbrucker Ring
Preceding station Croatian Railways Following station
München Hbf EuroNight
towards Zagreb
Munich East is located in Bavaria
Munich East
Munich East
Location in Bavaria
Munich East is located in Germany
Munich East
Munich East
Location in Germany
Munich East is located in Europe
Munich East
Munich East
Location in Europe
Munich Airport S-Bahn service
Munich Airport
Markt Schwaben
Munich East
City Centre
Karlsplatz (Stachus)
Munich Central
Munich Pasing

Munich East station (German: Bahnhof München Ost, also called München Ostbahnhof in regional services) is a railway station in Munich, the state capital of Bavaria, Germany. It opened as Haidhausen station in 1871 on the new Munich–Mühldorf and Munich–Rosenheim railway lines. The station is operated by DB Station&Service, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG. It is classified as a Category 1 station, one of 21 in Germany and two in Munich, the other being München Hauptbahnhof. It is the city's third interregional station besides München Hauptbahnhof in the city centre and München-Pasing in the west.



The first station, built according to plans designed by Friedrich Bürklein, was inaugurated on 1 May 1871 as part of the newly built railway line to Neuötting via Mühldorf am Inn. The line to Rosenheim opened on 15 October 1871. It was initially named Haidhausen after the eponymous quarter, but it received its present name München Ost on 15 October 1876. The station was given additional significance as a railway hub with the opening of the Munich East–Deisenhofen line in 1898; followed by train connections to Ismaning and Schwabing in 1909, the first to be electrified in 1927.

The station was severely damaged by the bombing of Munich on 24/25 April 1944 and had to be entirely rebuilt after World War II. A provisional counter hall was erected in 1952. A motorail (Autoreisezug) yard opened on 22 June 1959.

In May 1972, shortly before the Summer Olympics, Munich East became part of the Munich S-Bahn network as the eastern terminus of the Stammstrecke to Munich Pasing in the west. The present-day entrance building was erected in 1985. Three years later, in 1988, the station also received access to the Munich U-Bahn network. Further refurbishments of the station building took place in 1999 and in 2008.

Operational usage


The station has 17 tracks.[6] Tracks 1–5 are used by the S-Bahn, tracks 6–8 and 11–14 are used by regional and interregional traffic. Tracks 9, 10 and 15 are through tracks. Tracks 16 and 17 are used by Motorail.

Mainly InterCity as well as international EuroCity and Railjet services via Rosenheim to Salzburg and Innsbruck in Austria, to Italy and Southeastern Europe depart from this station. Some ICE services to Vienna and Innsbruck also stop here.

Several Regional-Express and Regionalbahn services depart from Munich East to many destinations in Chiemgau and southeastern Bavaria. Trains are operated by the SüdostBayernBahn network of Deutsche Bahn AG as well as by the private railway company (Bayerische Regiobahn.



The Ostbahnhof (the name of the S-Bahn part of the station) was refurbished under the Takt 10 project. As an endpoint of the backbone tunnel of Munich's S-Bahn system all lines pass through the station, except S20. Lines S2, S4, S6 and S8 continue via platform 5 further east.

The lines S3 and S7 change direction at platform 4 and continue further south to Giesing. The trains to the tunnel depart from platforms 1-3.



Since 1988 there is a U-Bahn service to Ostbahnhof by the line U5. It continues south to Neuperlach Süd via Innsbrucker Ring and west to Laimer Platz via Max-Weber-Platz, Hauptbahnhof and Theresienwiese. The line services the station every ten minutes (five in rush-hours).



The Ostbahnhof stop of the Munich tramway is located on Orleansplatz, and served by route 21.[2]

Train services


The station is served by the following services:

  • RailJet services Munich - Salzburg - Linz - St Pölten - Vienna - Győr - Budapest


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