Munich Marathon

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Munich Marathon
LocationMunich, Germany
Event typeStreet
DistanceMarathon, Half-Marathon, 10K run
Primary sponsorGenerali
Course recordsMen:
Kenya Michael Kite 2:09:46
Hungary Karolina Szabó 2:33:09
Official siteMunich Marathon
Participants4550 (2018)

The Generali Munich Marathon (German: München Marathon) is an annual marathon road running event which takes place in October in the city of Munich, Germany. It also features shorter half marathon and 10 km events.

Following the marathon races at the 1972 Munich Olympics, a number of shorter running events were held in the city every year. An annual marathon was established in 1983 by Michael Schultz-Tholen's company (FVS) and was later jointly organised with the Munich Road Runners Club. The marathon followed the same course as the 1972 Olympic race, beginning in Coubertinplatz in Olympic Park Munich and finishing the last 300 Meters to the finish line in Olympic Stadium.[1] The competition featured nearly 2000 finishers at its inaugural event and this quickly grew, reaching to over 6500 by the late 1980s. As well as the mass race, it attracted high level international competitors in elite races. Participation had a sudden decline after 1990 – going from 6340 finishers that year to 3360 six years later.[2] This change resulted in the eventual bankruptcy of the parent company and its president Schultz-Tholen (who was a polo specialist with limited prior experience in the sector).

The race was relaunched in 2000 on a course outside the inner city, but its popularity returned only when the competition returned to the city streets and the Olympic stadium. Over five thousand people finished the race in 2001.[3] The race established itself among Germany's largest footraces and had a record high of 9041 marathon finishers in 2004. The 2006 event featured was the official German Marathon Championship race and Matthias Körner and Carmen Siewert were declared the men's and women's champions, respectively.[1]

The course records over the entire history of the city's marathons are held by Michael Kite of Kenya (2:09:46 hours in 2000) and Hungary's Karolina Szabó (2:33:09 hours in 1991).[1]

Past winners[edit]

Amateur runners mid-race in 2005
Fun runners reaching the finish at the Olympic Stadium in 2004
The two-time women's champion Bernadette Pichlmaier en route to her 2011 win

Key:   Course record   Country's championship race


Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 1983  Kjell-Erik Ståhl (SWE) 2:13:33  Christa Vahlensieck (GER) 2:33:45
2nd 1984  Karel Lismont (BEL) 2:12:50  Christa Vahlensieck (GER) 2:38:50
3rd 1985  Marjan Krempl (SCG) 2:19:30  Olivia Grüner (GER) 2:45:52
4th 1986  István Kerékjártó (HUN) 2:17:46  Olivia Grüner (GER) 2:38:51
5th 1987  Ahmet Altun (TUR) 2:13:37  Angelika Dunke (GER) 2:40:59
6th 1988  Ernest Tjela (LES) 2:12:55  Janeth Mayal (BRA) 2:42:34
7th 1989  Herbert Steffny (GER) 2:11:30  Janeth Mayal (BRA) 2:37:04
8th 1990  Steffen Dittmann (GER) 2:13:47  Charlotte Teske (GER) 2:33:12
9th 1991  João Alves (BRA) 2:15:34  Karolina Szabó (HUN) 2:33:09
10th 1992  Ivan Uvízl (CZE) 2:14:28  Birgit Lennartz (GER) 2:39:17
11th 1993  Gidamis Shahanga (TAN) 2:14:28  Fátima Neves (POR) 2:39:34
12th 1994  Gidamis Shahanga (TAN) 2:17:27  Svetlana Kazatkina (RUS) 2:53:45
13th 1995  Zoltán Holba (HUN) 2:18:42  Karin Steiger (GER) 2:47:43
14th 1996  Lars Andervang (SWE) 2:19:11  Maria Bak (GER) 2:41:56
Not held from 1997 to 2000
15th 2000  Michael Kite (KEN) 2:09:46  Elżbieta Jarosz (POL) 2:37:34
16th 2001  Andriy Naumov (UKR) 2:13:57  Valentina Delion (MDA) 2:43:41
17th 2002  Jonathan Wyatt (NZL) 2:23:19  Silke Fersch (GER) 2:46:18
18th 2003  Gemechu Roba (ETH) 2:19:26  Silke Fersch (GER) 2:44:59
19th 2004  Reinhard Harrasser (ITA) 2:21:21  Christine Lelan (FRA) 2:46:18
20th 2005  Herman Achmüller (ITA) 2:24:28  Cornelia Firsching (GER) 2:54:03
21st 2006  Matthias Körner (GER) 2:21:55  Carmen Siewert (GER) 2:47:22
22nd 2007  Falk Cierpinski (GER) 2:25:26  Cornelia Firsching (GER) 2:56:33
23rd 2008  Steffen Justus (GER) 2:21:38  Melanie Hohenester (GER) 2:49:20
24th 2009  Maksim Saliy (UKR) 2:28:13  Luzia Schmid (GER) 2:53:16
25th 2010  Andriy Naumov (UKR) 2:18:23  Bernadette Pichlmaier (GER) 2:35:28
26th 2011  Richard Friedrich (GER) 2:19:27  Bernadette Pichlmaier (GER) 2:38:02
27th 2012  Jan Hamann (GER) 2:19:46  Susanne Hahn (GER) 2:32:11
28th 2013  Frank Schauer (GER) 2:18:56  Silke Optekamp (GER) 2:41:50
29th 2014  Tobias Schreindl (GER) 2:21:47  Steffi Volke (GER) 2:44:37
30th 2015  Florian Stelzle (GER) 2:29:59  Julia Viellehner (GER) 2:40:28
31st 2016  Oliver Herrmann (GER) 2:27:12  Latifa Schuster (FRA) 2:56:20
32nd 2017  Mario Wernsdörfer (GER) 2:27:52  Bianca Meyer (GER) 2:49:35
33rd 2018  Andreas Straßner (GER) 2:27:58  Susanne Schreindl (GER) 2:49:38

Half Marathon[edit]

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
33rd 2018  Salvatore Gambino (ITA) 01:09:59  Sophie Hardy (BEL) 01:16:37
32nd 2017  Tobias Schreindl (GER) 01:08:26  Susanne Schreindl (GER) 01:20:09
31st 2016  Wondemagen Seed-Egasso (ETH) 01:07:47  Nora Schmitz (GER) 01:20:41
30th 2015  Tobias Schreindl (GER) 01:06:45  Susanne Ölhorn (GER) 01:21:18
29th 2014  Gianluca Borghesi (ITA) 01:08:31  Teresa Montrone (ITA) 01:19:08
28th 2013  Valentin Unterholzner (GER) 01:07:23  Corinna Harrer (GER) 01:14:04
27th 2012  Sören Kah (GER) 01:04:43  Ingalena Heuck (GER) 01:21:35
26th 2011  Sören Kah (GER) 01:07:07  Susanne Hahn (GER) 01:13:02
25th 2010  Sören Kah (GER) 01:07:31  Bianca Meyer (GER) 01:21:38


Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
2018  Max Weigand (GER) 00:32:09  Jule Vetter (GER) 00:36:36
2017  Clemens Bleistein (GER) 00:30:39  Andrea Meier (SUI) 00:35:51
2016  Julio Del Val González (ESP) 00:31:32  Laura-Jane Day (GBR) 00:35:40
2015  Sebastian Hallmann (GER) 00:31:28  Tina Fischl (GER) 00:35:05
2014  Sebastian Nadler (GER) 00:31:48  Tina Fischl (GER) 00:35:15
2013  Matthew Coloe (AUS) 00:31:14  Julia Leenders (GER) 00:35:37
2012  Tobias Gröbl (GER) 00:30:53  Veronica Clio Pohl (GER) 00:34:48
2011  Joseph Katib (GER) 00:31:30  Christine Schleifer (GER) 00:34:53
2010  Joseph Katib (GER) 00:31:38  Julia Viellehner (GER) 00:34:22


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