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Municipal Corporation Chandigarh
Local Authority (Municipal Corporation)
of the Chandigarh
Rajesh Kumar
since January 2019
Municipal Commissioner
B. Purushartha
Political groups
BJP-SAD (21)
INC (4)
Independent (1) + 9 nominated members
Meeting place
New Delux Building, Jan Marg, Sector 17, Chandigarh

The Municipal Corporation Chandigarh (MCC), also known as Chandigarh Municipal Corporation, is the civic body that governs the city of Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab and Haryana.[1][2][3][4]

The Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh, India was formed within the Union Territory of Chandigarh under the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act in 1976. The corporation was later extended to the union territory, Chandigarh, by the Punjab Municipal Corporation Law (Extension to Chandigarh) Act, 1994 (Act No.45 of 1994), which came in effect on May 24th, 1994. Under a provision of Section 47 of the act, M.P. Tyagi was appointed as first Commissioner of the Corporation w.e.f. on June 19th, 1995. Tyagi continued to exercise mayoral powers until December 23rd, 1994, when the first meeting of the elected body of the Corporation was held. Tyagi was succeeded as Commissioner by S.K. Gathwal on August 8th, 1996. [5]

Rajesh Kumar Kalia currently serves as Mayor of Chandigarh[6] upon succeeding Davesh Moudgil in January 2019.[7].


According to the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh's website, the Corporation is composed of the following members:

1 "Members to be directly elected, representing wards."[8] 26
2 "Members with voting rights to be nominated by the Administrator, from amongst the people who are eminent of distinguished in public affairs or those who have special knowledge or practical experience in respect of municipal administration."[9] 9
3 "The Member of the House of the people representing the constituency which comprises wholly or partly, the Municipal Area, with the right the vote. (Member of Parliament from Chandigarh)"[10] 1


The Commissioner of Corporation is the designated officer who runs the Municipal Corporation administration. The Commissioner is a senior government official and is appointed by the government. The Commissioner is responsible for the passing and implementation of the annual Municipal Corporation budget. All personnel of the Municipal Corporation work under the Commissioner's supervision and control.[11]

The current Municipal Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh is B. Purushartha.

Departments of MCC[edit]

Public Health Department Planning & Building Branch
Health & Sanitation Department Horticulture Department
Building & Roads Department Fire and Emergency Services Department
Electrical Department Finance & Accounts Department
Legal Department Pensions & P.F.Department
Audit Department Urban Poverty Alleviation & Livelihood Cell
Architecture Department Estate Department
Booking Department Public Relations Department
Enforcement Department I.T. Department
Agenda Department Taxation Department
Paid Parking Department

Current Serving Members of MCC[edit]

Rajesh Kumar Kalia currently serves as Mayor of Chandigarh.

Ward No. Name of the Councillor (Elected)
1 Sh. Mahesh Inder Singh
2 Smt. Raj Bala Malik
3 Sh. Ravi Kant Sharma
4 Smt. Sunita Dhawan
5 Smt.Sheela Devi
6 Smt. Farmila
7 Sh. Rajesh Kumar
8 Sh. Arun Sood
9 Smt Gurbax Rawat
10 Sh. Hardeep Singh
11 Sh.Satish Kumar
12 Smt. Chanderwati Shukla
13 Smt.Heera Negi
14 Sh. Kanwarjeet Singh
15 Sh. Ravinder Kaur
16 Sh. Rajesh Kumar Gupta
17 Sh. Asha Kumari Jaswal
18 Sh. Devinder Singh Babla
19 Sh. Dalip Sharma
20 Sh. Shakti Prakash Devshali
21 Sh. Gurpreet Singh
22 Sh. Davesh Moudgil
23 Sh. Bharat Kumar
24 Sh. Anil Kumar Dube
25 Sh. Jagtar Singh
26 Sh. Vinod Aggarwal
Sr No. Nominated Councillors
1 Sh. Charanjiv Singh
2 Sh. Ajay Dutta
3 Sh. Sachin Kumar Lohtiya
4 Sh. Haji Mohd. Khurshid Ali
5 Dr. Jyotsna Wig
6 Ms. Shipra Bansal
7 Sh. Sat Parkash Aggarwal
8 Smt. Kamla Sharma
9 Maj.Gen.M.S.Kandal


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