Municipal police (Serbia)

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Municipal police (Serbian: Комунална полиција/Komunalna policija) is the organizational unit within the organs of city administration.Police securing implementation of tasks, that are within the jurisdiction of the city.[1]

Communal police of the City of Valjevo


  • Maintenance municipal (and other legally regulated) order of importance for communal activities.
  • Exercising control over the application of laws and other regulations and general acts of communal areas and other activities under the jurisdiction of the city.
  • Exercising of supervision in urban, suburban and other local traffic, in accordance with law and regulations of the city.
  • Protection environmental, cultural goods, local roads, streets and other public facilities of importance for the city.
  • Support implementing regulations that will ensure the smooth flow of life in the city, preservation of city resources and perform other tasks from jurisdiction of the city.

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