Munni Begum

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Munni Begum
Munni Begum.jpg
Background information
Native name মুন্নী বেগম
منی بیگم
Birth name Nadira
Origin Murshidabad, West Bengal, India
Genres Ghazal
Occupation(s) Ghazal singer

Munni Begum (Bengali: মুন্নী বেগম, Urdu: منی بیگم‎) is a famous Pakistani ghazal singer.[1] Her real name is Nadira (Bengali: নাদিরা; Urdu: نادرہ‎).[2] She is an American national, based in Chicago.

Early life[edit]

Munni Begum was born in Murshidabad, West Bengal, India. The youngest child of seven children, she first started taking music lessons from the famous singer Ustad Khwaja Ghulam Mustafa Warsi. Subsequently, she studied in the school of music for three years, and thereafter she launched her career.

Her parents migrated from India to East Pakistan in the early 1950s; East Pakistan later became independent Bangladesh. She studied in BAF Shaheen School, Dhaka; however, she moved to Pakistan before graduating from high school, due to Bangladesh Independence War of 1971.


Munni Begum began her career as a singer in Karachi in the 1970s. Begum released her first album of ghazals in 1976. It became a smash hit and broke all previous records.

On March 23, 2008, Governor Dr Ishrat-ul-Ibad Khan conferred the Pride of Performance award upon legendary female singer Munni Begum at a simple ceremony held at Governor's House in Karachi.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Munni Begum is married, and has two daughters, Muniba Hasnain and Minara Umer, and a son Syed Asad Ali.

Notable ghazals[edit]

As for Begum’s hit ghazals, the list is nearly endless - listen to Munni Begum's famous ghazals online. Some of these are:


  • Munni Begum Khoobsurat Ghazlein Vol 1
  • Awagi Vol-28
  • Meri Pasand Vol. 1
  • Meri Pasand Vol. 2
  • Masti Mein Surahi Jhoomti Hai Vol. 1
  • Masti Mein Surahi Jhoomti Hai Vol. 2
  • An Evening With Munni Begum
  • New Ghazals Vol. 26
  • Munni Begum Vol-21
  • Munni Begum Vol-20
  • Sham-E-Ghazal
  • Meri Pasand
  • Munni Begum
  • Munni Begum In Concert Vol. 4
  • Munni Begum In Concert Vol. 3
  • Munni Begum In Concert Vol. 2
  • Munni Begum In Concert Vol. 1



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