Munshiganj District

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Dhaleshwari River bank, Munshiganj Sadar Upazila in Munsiganj District
Dhaleshwari River bank, Munshiganj Sadar Upazila in Munsiganj District
Location of Munshiganj District in Bangladesh
Location of Munshiganj District in Bangladesh
Expandable map of Munshiganj District
Coordinates: 23°28′N 90°32′E / 23.46°N 90.54°E / 23.46; 90.54Coordinates: 23°28′N 90°32′E / 23.46°N 90.54°E / 23.46; 90.54
Country Bangladesh
DivisionDhaka Division
 • Total1,004.29 km2 (387.76 sq mi)
 (2011 census)
 • Total1,445,660
 • Density1,400/km2 (3,700/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Munshiganji, Munshigonji, Bikrampuri, Dhakai, Dhakaiya
Time zoneUTC+06:00 (BST)

Munshiganj (Bengali: মুন্সিগঞ্জ), also historically known as Bikrampur, is a district[1] in central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka Division and borders Dhaka District.[2]


Total land area is 235974 acres (954 km2), out of which 138472 acres (560 km2) are cultivable and 5609 acres (23 km2) are fallow land. It has no forest area. 40277 acres (163 km2) of land is irrigated while 26242 acres (106 km2) of land is under river. It has 14 rivers of 155 km passing through.[3]


The district consists of 6 upazilas:[2]

  1. Lohajang Upazila
  2. Sreenagar Upazila
  3. Munshiganj Sadar Upazila
  4. Sirajdikhan Upazila
  5. Tongibari Upazila
  6. Gazaria Upazila

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