Munshiganj Sadar Upazila

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Munshiganj Sadar

মুন্সিগঞ্জ সদর
Munshiganj Sadar is located in Bangladesh
Munshiganj Sadar
Munshiganj Sadar
Location in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 23°27.5′N 90°32.5′E / 23.4583°N 90.5417°E / 23.4583; 90.5417Coordinates: 23°27.5′N 90°32.5′E / 23.4583°N 90.5417°E / 23.4583; 90.5417
Country Bangladesh
DivisionDhaka Division
DistrictMunshiganj District
 • Total160.79 km2 (62.08 sq mi)
 • Total294,823
 • Density1,800/km2 (4,700/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+6 (BST)

Munshiganj Sadar (Bengali: মুন্সিগঞ্জ সদর) is an Upazila of Munshiganj District[1] in the Division of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


In 1971[edit]

When the Pakistan Army began mass-killing and massacre in Dhaka city on the night of 25 March the students and youths of Munshiganj raided the armoury and captured arms and ammunitions to resist the Pakistan Army on 29 March.[2] They successfully guarded the river-side area to check the onrush of the Pakistan army towards Munshiganj[verification needed]. The people of Narayanganj in alliance with the youths of Munshiganj resisted an attack of the Pakistan Army on 31 March[verification needed]. The Pak army first penetrated into Munshiganj on 9 May and killed some youths at Kewar on 14 May.[2]


As of the 1991 Bangladesh census, Munshiganj district, formerly a subdivision under Dhaka district, was established in 1984. It consists of 6 upazilas, 67 union parishads, 662 mouzas, 906 villages, 18 wards, 73 mahallas and 2 municipalities.[3]

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