Murai Reservoir

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Murai Reservoir
Location Western Water Catchment
Coordinates 1°24′04″N 103°40′28″E / 1.40111°N 103.67444°E / 1.40111; 103.67444Coordinates: 1°24′04″N 103°40′28″E / 1.40111°N 103.67444°E / 1.40111; 103.67444
Type reservoir
Basin countries Singapore

Murai Reservoir (Chinese: 慕莱蓄水池; pinyin: Mù lái xù shuǐ chí) is one of the four reservoirs in the Western Water Catchment of Singapore.

It was formerly Sungei Murai, which was dammed in early 1980s, to create a reservoir.

It is now part of SAFTI Live Firing Area (North), of which is restricted to civilian military. The Murai Urban Training Facility is east of Murai Reservoir, which can be accessed through Jalan Murai from Lim Chu Kang Road. There is also a road east of Murai Urban Training Facility which goes from Lim Chu Kang Road to Jalan Murai, called Murai Farmway.