Murasaki (crater)

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Murasaki and Hiroshige craters m10 aom 6 21.gif
Mariner 10 stereo images of Murasaki and Hiroshige craters. The image on the left was taken during the second flyby, that on the right at the first. The 125 km diameter Murasaki is on the left, and 140 km Hiroshige on the right.
Planet Mercury
Coordinates 12°S 31°W / 12°S 31°W / -12; -31Coordinates: 12°S 31°W / 12°S 31°W / -12; -31
Diameter 125 km
Eponym Murasaki Shikibu

Murasaki is a crater on Mercury located at 12 S, 31 W. It is 125 km in diameter and named after Murasaki Shikibu. The bright crater Kuiper overlays the rim of Murasaki.