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Murat Arslan is the founding member of the Turkish Linux Users Group[1] and the author of BasiliX webmail software[2] which was widely used in the nation until 2004. Currently he lives in San Francisco Bay Area, United States and works as a Site Reliability Engineer at WePay. He was one of the developers of the Turkish interactive dictionary Ek$i sözlük.

Time 100 Incident[edit]

Murat Arslan was also one of the controversial names in Internet history in Turkey. Back in 1998, the name made it to Time Magazine's Time 100 online survey, along with the pseudonym Fenasi Kerim.[3] It is believed he developed some kind of cheat-voting program to achieve this result.[4] Since there was no known popular figure called "Murat Arslan" back then the name created a hue among Turkish press including newspapers and TV shows. It's been removed from the list eventually though leaving Fenasi Kerim as one of the most popular fake names in Turkish culture.


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