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Murat Gülsoy (born 1967) is a Turkish writer. He started his literary career as a publisher and a writer of the bimonthly magazine Hayalet Gemi (Ghost Ship) in 1992. His works explore the metafictive potential of postmodern self-consciousness with ‘page turning’ plots. He also produced interactive hypertext works on internet exploring new ways of narrative. Gülsoy has published 18 books in Turkey so far. Besides short stories, he has eight novels addressing modern masters Kafka, Borges, Eco, Laurence Stern, Fowles and Orhan Pamuk. He is the recipient of some of the most prestigious national literary awards. He conducts creative writing workshops since 2004. Besides being a writer, he is also a professor with Bogazici University at Institute of Biomedical Engineering. He is the head of the editorial board of Bogazici University Press and director of Bogazici University Nazım Hikmet Culture and Art Research Center. Stehlen Sie dieses Buch is his first book to be translated into German (Literaturca Verlag). His novels are published in English, Macedonian, Arabics, Bulgarian, Albanian and Chinese. His 2000 Sait Faik Award-winning book "Bu Kitabı Çalın" (Steal This Book) ironically "borrows" (or steals) its name from Abbie Hoffman's 1971 book "Steal This Book" and it is referred in the book as a postmodern parody.


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