Murban Bab oil field

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Murban Bab Oil Field
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
RegionPersian Gulf
OperatorAbu Dhabi National Oil Company
Field history
Start of production1958
Current production of oil250,000 barrels per day (~1.2×10^7 t/a)
Estimated oil in place1448 million tonnes
(~ 1.634×10^9 m3 or 10280 million bbl)
Estimated gas in place29,300×10^9 cu ft (830×10^9 m3)

The Murban Bab Oil Field is an oil field 84 km north west of Abu Dhabi Islands in the Persian Gulf. It was discovered in 1953 and developed by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. The oil field is operated and owned by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. The total proven reserves of the Murban Bab oil field are around 10.3 billion barrels (1450×106tonnes), and production is centered on 250,000 barrels per day (40,000 m3/d).[1]


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