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Murchadh name.svg
Murchadh in a Gaelic type, note the lenited c and d in the name (ch, dh) once appeared in Irish orthography with a dot above them, as pictured.
Language(s)Irish, Scottish Gaelic
Other names
Anglicisation(s)Murdo, Murdoch, Murrough, Morrow
See alsoMuireadhach

Murchadh is masculine given name in the Irish and Scottish Gaelic languages.


A Dictionary of First Names, published by Oxford University Press, defines the Irish name as being derived from the Gaelic elements muir, meaning "sea"; and cadh, meaning "battle". In the same book, the Scottish Gaelic name is defined as being a modern form of the Gaelic name Muireadhach, which means "lord", but is said to derive from muir, which means "sea".[1]

Anglicised forms[edit]

Anglicised forms of the Scottish Gaelic name are Murdo and Murdoch.[2] An Anglicised form of the Irish name is Murrough and Morrow. As a patronymic surname, Murphy and Morrow are also derived from Murchadh and its patronymics, MacMurchadh and Mac Murchadha

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