Murder, Inc. (band)

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Murder, Inc.
Picture of Murder, Inc.
Band photograph
Background information
Origin Chicago (US)
Genres Industrial music
Years active 1991 - 1992
Labels Invisible Records (US)
Devotion Records (UK)
Associated acts Killing Joke
Revolting Cocks
Public Image Limited
Steve Albini
Past members Chris Connelly
Geordie Walker
Paul Raven
"Big Paul" Ferguson
John Bechdel
Martin Atkins

Murder, Inc. was an industrial music supergroup formed in 1991, featuring vocalist Chris Connelly with Killing Joke members Geordie Walker, Paul Raven, "Big Paul" Ferguson, John Bechdel with former Public Image Ltd drummer Martin Atkins.


Martin Atkins joined Killing Joke as their drummer and later their manager in 1990.[1] The band recorded the 1990 album Extremities, Dirt and Various Repressed Emotions after which they parted ways with singer Jaz Coleman.[2] Keeping the line-up of Killing Joke (minus Coleman) together, Atkins formed Murder, Inc., recruiting Chris Connelly (who had worked with Ministry amongst others) to replace Coleman and former Killing Joke member Paul Ferguson as a second drummer.[3]

The band released their debut EP, Corpuscle, which featured tracks remixed by J. G. Thirlwell, in 1991 followed by their eponymous album in 1992.[4] The album was recorded by Steve Albini who had already worked with Atkins on the Pigface album Gub and with Connelly on his album Whiplash Boychild.[5] The band played five live dates before disbanding later in 1992, due to "internal squabbles".[6]

In 1998 Connelly, Atkins, and Walker reconvened and formed another industrial supergroup with Jah Wobble called The Damage Manual.[7]



  • Corpuscle (EP, 1992)
  • Murder, Inc. (1992, Invisible Records / re-released in 1993 with altered track listing through Futurist Records)
  • Locate Subvert Terminate — The Complete Murder, Inc. (collection album, 1999)


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