Murder, Misery and Then Goodnight

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Murder, Misery and Then Goodnight
Murder Misery and Then Goodnight.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 26, 1998
ProducerKristin Hersh, Billy O'Connell, Steve Rizzo
Kristin Hersh chronology
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Murder, Misery and Then Goodnight
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Murder, Misery and Then Goodnight is Kristin Hersh's third solo album and quite a departure from her other solo recordings, in that it contains solely Appalachian folk songs about murder and death arranged by Kristin Hersh, rather than songs written by Hersh herself. Hersh's son, Ryder James O'Connell, plays piano and sings backing vocals.

The album was produced by Kristin Hersh, co-produced by Steve Rizzo and Billy O'Connell, and engineered by Steve Rizzo.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks traditional, arranged by Kristin Hersh

  1. "Down in the Willow Garden"
  2. "I Never Will Marry"
  3. "Sweet Roseanne"
  4. "Poor Ellen Smith"
  5. "Pretty Polly"
  6. "Little Birdy"
  7. "Mama’s Gonna Buy"
  8. "Fly Around My Blue Eyed Girl"
  9. "Banks Of The Ohio"
  10. "Three Nights Drunk"
  11. "What’ll We Do With The Baby-o"
  12. "Whole Heap Of Little Horses"

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