Murder Can Hurt You

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Murder Can Hurt You
Genre Comedy
Written by Ron Friedman
Directed by Roger Duchowny
Starring (See article)
Theme music composer Artie Kane
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Douglas S. Cramer
Aaron Spelling
Producer(s) Shelley Hull
Robert L. Jacks
E. Duke Vincent
Cinematography Archie R. Dalzell
Editor(s) John F. Schreyer
Running time 100 min.
Production company(s) Aaron Spelling Productions
Distributor CBS Television Distribution
Original network ABC
Original release May 21, 1980

Murder Can Hurt You (stylized onscreen as Murder Can Hurt You!) is a 1980 American made-for-television comedy film that parodies detective and police TV shows of the 1960s and 1970s, much as Murder by Death spoofed literary detectives.[1] The film was directed by Roger Duchowny.[2]


A mysterious "Man in White" is out to kill famous detectives in bizarre ways, and the heroes are obvious parodies of Kojak, Baretta, Starsky and Hutch, Ironside, Police Woman, Columbo, Mrs. Columbo, and McCloud.[1]

The movie starts with the Man In White killing Lambretta, after which Lt. Nojack calls a meeting of all the best detectives in the city. During this meeting the man in white threatens to kill them all, locks them in their meeting room, and sets a bomb to kill them all while he makes his escape.

The Aaron Spelling Productions logo at the end pays homage to Mark VII Limited, using a hammer and stamp.


Actor Character Spoof of:
Don Adams
(voice only)
Narrator --
Marty Allen Det. Starkos Det. Stavros
Victor Buono Ironbottom Ironside
John Byner Hatch Hutch
Tony Danza Pony Lambretta Tony Baretta
Jamie Farr Studsky Starsky
Mitchell Kreindel The Man in White --
Gavin MacLeod Nojack Kojak
Buck Owens MacSkye McCloud
Connie Stevens Salty Sanderson Pepper Anderson
Liz Torres Mrs. Palumbo Mrs. Columbo
Jimmie Walker Parks the Pusher Mark Sanger
Burt Young Lt. Palumbo Lt. Columbo


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