Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery

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Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery
Murder She Purred, A Mrs. Murphy Mystery (1998) Film Poster.jpg
Film Poster
Directed bySimon Wincer
Produced byKevin Inch
Written byAnn Lewis Hamilton and Jim Cox (Teleplay)
Ann Lewis Hamilton (Story)
Rita Mae Brown (Characters)
Music byEric Colvin
CinematographyDavid Burr
Edited byTerry Blythe
Ancient Mariner Films
Walt Disney Television
Distributed byABC (USA) (TV) (Original Airing)
Buena Vista Television
Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Release date
  • December 13, 1998 (1998-12-13)
Running time
88 min.
CountryUnited States

Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery is a 1998 television film, starring Ricki Lake and directed by Simon Wincer. The film is part of Disney's anthology The Wonderful World of Disney, that included several movies and animations produced and released by the studio from 1995 to 2005. It was based in Rita Mae Brown series of novels starred by the cat, called Mrs. Murphy. This movie in particular was shot in Ontario, Canada and was aired by ABC on December 13, 1998.


Mrs. Murphy (a cat) and Tucker (a dog) join forces to investigate their new neighbor whom they believe had committed a crime.



Ray Richmond from Variety magazine gave the film a very bad review, stating: "This installment of “The Wonderful World of Disney,” based on the “Mrs. Murphy” series of mystery novels penned by Rita Mae Brown, is pretty much as dumb as it gets, giving us a dog and a cat who solve crimes (Mrs. Murphy is the cat) and a starring role for Ricki Lake that makes her lowbrow daytime yakfest seem like “Frontline” by comparison. Disney has been reduced to ripping off itself — or didn’t anyone see “Homeward Bound” and its sequel?".[1]

On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery currently holds 73% of audience score.[2]


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