Murder and the Android

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Murder and the Android was a television movie based on Fondly Fahrenheit, a 1954 story by Alfred Bester. It was broadcast on November 8, 1959 as a NBC Sunday Showcase production. The film was produced by Robert Alan Aurthur, directed by Alex Segal, and starred Kevin McCarthy, Rip Torn, Vladimir Sokoloff, Suzanne Pleshette and Sono Osato.[1]

In 1960, science fiction author Frederik Pohl called this film, "almost the only first-rate television play on a science fiction theme".[2] It was nominated for the 1960 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.[3]

This story is based 400 years in the future, when a man inherits an android. This synthetic being was created in a laboratory as a submissive, obedient construct. Unfortunately the android malfunctions and attempts to dominate its master.[4][5]


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