Murder of Elin Krantz

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Murder of Elin Krantz
Elin Krantz
Date26 September 2010
LocationBiskopsgården, Gothenburg, Sweden
CauseBlunt trauma
BurialSankt Olof kyrkogård, Falköping, Sweden
ConvictedEphrem Yohannes
  • 18 years imprisonment
  • Deportation on release

Elin Krantz was a Swedish 27-year-old woman who was murdered in the Biskopsgården district of Gothenburg on 26 September 2010.[1] Krantz was killed by Ephrem Yohannes, a 23-year-old Ethiopian immigrant, after a extremely painful rape and murder in Biskopsgården where her body was found.

Yohannes was found guilty of Krantz's murder and received a 16-year prison sentence and deportation on release.


On 26th September 2010, Elin Krantz, a 27-year-old Swedish woman from Falköping, fell asleep on the tram after an evening enjoying the nightlife of Gothenburg. Footage from Security cameras showed that Krantz was then followed by a man who attempted to rape her and subsequently beat her to death.[2][3] Krantz's severely beaten corpse was found the next day in Gothenburg's Biskopsgården district.[2] On 28 September, 23-year old Ephrem Yohannes, an Ethiopian citizen with a residence permit with clothes and appearance similar to that of the man captured on the security cameras, was arrested by plainclothes policemen at Gothenburg Central Station.[4] Krantz' DNA was found on his clothing and Yohannes' DNA was found on her body.[5]


Yohannes was convicted for murder and aggravated rape.[4] In March 2011, Yohannes was sentenced to 18 years in prison and subsequent deportation.[2][3] He was to serve 16 years as a two-year reduction is applied to deportation sentences.[4] The first sentence was appealed to the Hovrätt as the accused pleaded innocence. The prosecutor Stina Lundberg argued for a life sentence and aggravated sexual assault.[6] In the autumn of 2011, the Court of Appeals upheld the original sentence.[4] During the Hovrätt court proceeding, news broke that the wife and children of Yohannes had left Europe due to several threats to their lives.[4] The parents of Elin Krantz and her five siblings were awarded criminal damages of around €60,000.[4]

Yohannes was initially imprisoned in Norrtäljeanstalten, a high security prison in Norrtälje, but after attacking a fellow inmate he was transferred to Salbergaanstalten prison in Sala.[7][7][8] Yohannes has received several warnings for inappropriate behaviour.[8]


Krantz's body was interred at the Sankt Olof kyrkogård cemetery in her hometown of Falköping.[9] In October 2010, over 1000 people gathered in the district - where her body was found - to commemorate her and to protest the violence.[10]


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