Murder of Ibrahim Ali

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The death of Ibrahim Ali (1978 – February 21, 1995) took place in Marseille, France in 1995.


Ibrahim Ali was a seventeen-year-old French-boy with Comorian origins. He was killed in Marseille, France, on February 21, 1995. He was walking with a group of ten other young men in Marseilles' XVth arrondissement, when they encountered three supporters of Jean-Marie Le Pen's Front National party, armed with guns, who had been posting campaign signs nearby. The latter group opened fire on them.[citation needed] Ibrahim Ali was shot in the back.[citation needed]

Reactions from politicians[edit]

Le Pen himself responded by saying:

"at least this unfortunate incident has brought to everyone's attention the presence in Marseille of 50,000 Comorians. What are they doing here?"[1]

Bruno Mégret declared: "the blame is on massive and uncontrolled immigration... if our billstickers hadn't been armed, they would have probably been dead."[2]


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