Murder of Logan Tucker

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Logan Tucker
Born Logan Lynn Tucker
(1996-04-10)April 10, 1996
Died June 23, 2002(2002-06-23) (aged 6)
Woodward, Oklahoma

Logan Tucker (April 10, 1996 - June 23, 2002) was a six-year-old boy who became the victim of a murder where no body was found.

Events prior to murder[edit]

In 2002, Logan lived with his mother, Katherine Rutan, his four-year-old brother Justin, and his mother's roommate, Melody Lennington. Prior to Logan's disappearance, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services had taken custody of Logan and Justin after Katherine threatened to harm them. They were returned shortly afterwards. Katherine claimed she had seen Logan playing with matches. She said he was dangerous, and that she was afraid he would hurt his younger brother.

Three days before Logan went missing, Katherine told the OKDHS that she wanted to give up her parental rights of Logan and Justin. DHS agreed to take custody of the children and place them in a residential treatment center, but they did not have an opening for several days. Katherine was furious when she found out they would not take Logan immediately.


Melody Lennington, Katherine's roommate, last saw Logan on the evening of 22 June 2002, when she put both children to bed. She said she awoke between 3:00 and 4:00am to the sound of Logan screaming and crying. She went back to sleep, and at 6:00am, she asked Katherine where Logan was. Katherine said Logan was sick and she had placed him in the basement. Later Katherine said DHS had taken Logan away or that he was with his father, or in a psychiatric hospital.

OKDHS did not take Logan and were not scheduled to do so until the next morning. Logan was not at any of the other places Katherine named. Witnesses said after that day Katherine looked relieved that Logan was gone, and even started selling his clothes and belongings.

Logan's grandparents reported him missing on July 7, 2002, after getting evasive answers from Katherine about where Logan was.[1]


When authorities searched Katherine and Melody's apartment, they found blood stains and masking tape with hairs stuck to it in the basement. On 22 August 2002, Logan's brother told FBI agents what happened the night Logan went missing. He said his mother took him and Logan out to the country. Justin said Logan was in the back seat of the car pale and hunched over, but not crying or talking. Justin had also asked Katherine why she needed the plastic she was carrying, and she responded, "to bury Logan."

She then left Justin in the car, taking Logan with her. He said his mother told him to stay in the car because there were snakes out there. Justin said his mother had a shovel and some plastics. She crossed a fence and went out into the field. She later returned without Logan. Logan's body has never been found. He is presumed to have died on the night he went missing. Police believe Katherine buried Logan in the woods or field of Woodward County, or possibly dumped him in Fort Supply Lake.


Katherine was convicted of first-degree murder in September 2007, and the jury recommended a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.[2] Rutan was formally sentenced to life without parole in October 2007.[3]


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