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Pavlos Fyssas
Παύλος Φύσσας
Pavlos Fyssas giving a performance in 2011.
Pavlos Fyssas giving a performance in 2011.
Background information
Birth namePavlos Fyssas
Also known asKillah P
Born(1979-04-10)April 10, 1979
Athens, Greece
Died(2013-09-18)September 18, 2013 (aged 34)
Athens, Greece
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter, rapper
Years active1997–2013
Musical career
GenresRap, Hip-hop

Pavlos Fyssas (Greek: Παύλος Φύσσας; April 10, 1979 – September 18, 2013), also known by his stage name Killah P[1] (meaning "Killer of the Past"), was a Greek musician and rapper, notable for his participation and performance in musical projects, as well as for his anti-fascist activism. He toured well-known venues in Athens and throughout Greece.[2][3]

Artistic and political activity[edit]

He was, along with his father, a member of the Syndicate of Metalworkers of Piraeus (SMP) and became an active member of the Rap scene since 1997, starting his music career through the Low Bap movement and was noted for his performance alongside big names of the Greek hiphop scene. Pavlos Fyssas, politically, affiliated himself with the ANTARSYA movement.[4]


On 17 September 2013, Fyssas went out with his partner and 8–10 people to a cafe, to watch a football match.[5]

The Hellenic Police received a call at 23:57 the same night, in which the caller stated that a group of 50 people had assembled and were armed with bats, at the intersection of Kefallinias Street and Panagi Tsaldari Avenue in Keratsini. They were reportedly heading towards a shop-cafe called "Coral". At 23:59, a DIAS motorcycle police unit of eight was instructed to enter the area. The police officers reached the Coral cafe, where 30 people were assembled outside, a number of whom started to run towards Tsaldari Avenue, where another group of 60 people had already assembled. There the police officers found Fyssas injured with stab wounds.[6] While still conscious, Fyssas indicated Giorgios Roupakias, who was still on site, as the perpetrator of the attack. Roupakias was then arrested.[7] Fyssas was transported to the General Hospital of Nikea, where his death was confirmed.[7][8][9]

Roupakias called the central office of Golden Dawn and it was claimed that he had spoken with Nikolaos Michaloliakos while the latter was at his residence at the time; this was later confirmed by police officers.[10]


Giorgios Roupakias worked in the cafeteria of the offices of the political party Golden Dawn.[11][12] Roupakias was released from pre-trial custody in March 2016 despite having admitted to the murder to a judge[13] after spending the legal maximum time in custody before trial proceedings. He was subsequently required to stay in his home except for court appearances, with armed guards keeping him both restricted and protected.


25 September 2013: Demonstration in Athens against Golden Dawn for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas.
Graffiti in Exarcheia on the first anniversary of Fyssas' murder.

The murder was condemned by all parties represented in parliament,[14] including Golden Dawn, which stated through its MP, Ilias Kasidiaris, that it had no connection to the incident.[15] Fyssas' father stated angrily through a phone call on a television station that his son did not belong to any political faction. He specifically stated: "My child did not belong anywhere, they have wrongly politicized him. From the first day we have stated this. They exploit him politically. My child did not belong anywhere."[16]

In a television statement, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras asked for public calm and stated that he will stop "the descendants of the Nazis from poisoning our social life, to act criminally, to terrorize and to undermine the foundations of the country which gave birth to democracy".[17]

Following the incident, protests against Golden Dawn and the associated rise of the far right took place throughout Greece. This included a protest in Athens, attended by 2,500–10,000 people, which marched towards Golden Dawn's central offices a week after the death. The protest was violently broken up by a police force that had still left unanswered inquiries about police allegedly allowing the murder of Fyssas to take place in front of them without intervening.[citation needed] The police response to this protest included 34 arrests and reports of one female protester being shot in the face at close range with a tear gas canister.[18][19][20][21] Protests also took place in cities outside Greece, including Barcelona, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, London and Nicosia.[22][23]

Anti-fascist protests staged in Greece turned violent; with police and protesters clashing in Thessaloniki and Athens.[24] Golden Dawn MPs Ilias Kasidiaris, Ilias Panayiotaros and Nikos Michos, who had been accused of acting as intermediaries in the case, were freed after they were not indicted.[25]

On 1 November 2013, a shooting took place at the Golden Dawn's Neo Irakleio offices in Athens. The attack resulted in two members of Golden Dawn, Manolis Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis, being killed with a third injured.


As featured performer[edit]

"Έχω" – Ανδρείκελος – Οι Παλίρροιες Των Χρόνων (The Tides Of Time) (2007)[26][27]


"Σιγά μην κλάψω, σιγά μη φοβηθώ" (Won't cry, won't be scared)

"Για το καλό μου" (For my wellbeing)

"Ζόρια" (Stress)[28]

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