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Parent companyMCA
GenreAlternative rock
Grunge (early years)
Indie rock
Country of origin Canada
LocationHalifax, Nova Scotia
Toronto, Ontario

Murderecords is an independent record label that releases the music of the Canadian rock band Sloan. Originally formed in 1992 to produce just the records of that band, it later released work of other bands including Eric's Trip, The Hardship Post, Al Tuck, Stinkin' Rich, Hip Club Groove, The Inbreds, Thrush Hermit, and The Super Friendz,[1][2] and with the possible exception of Sonic Unyon was Canada's best-known indie label in the 1990s.[citation needed] Later, the roster was stripped bare, and released Sloan albums exclusively for nearly a decade. In 2008, however, albums by Will Currie and the Country French and Pony Da Look were released by the label.[3][4]

Releases and artists[edit]

mur001 Sloan – Peppermint EP (cd/cass)

mur002 Eric's Trip – Peter EP (cd/cass)

mur003 Hardship Post – Hack EP (cd/cass)

mur004 Thrush Hermit – Smart Bomb EP (cd/cass)

mur005 Eric's Trip/Sloan – Stove/Smother (split 7" vinyl)

mur006 Al Tuck and No Action – Arhoolie (cass only)

mur007 Hardship Post – Why Don't You and I Smooth Things Over (7" vinyl)

mur008 Al Tuck and No Action – Brave Last Days EP (cd/cass)

mur009 Stinkin' Rich – Stolen Bass (7" vinyl)

mur010 Hip Club Groove – Trailer Park Hip Hop EP (cd/cass)

mur011 Sloan – Twice Removed (full length 12" vinyl only)

mur012 The Super Friendz – By Request (7" vinyl)

mur013 Local Rabbits - Put On Your Snowsuit You're Going To Hell (7" vinyl)

mur014 Sloan – Stood Up / Same Old Flame (7" vinyl)

mur016 Thrush Hermit – The Great Pacific Ocean (CD/cass/vinyl)

mur017 The Super Friendz – Mock Up, Scale Down (CD)

mur018 Jale - Closed (CD/cass/12")

mur019 Edgefest Murderecords EP - The Super Friendz - One Day the Warner /Jale - Frightened of / Thrush Hermit -West Island Rockers / Stinkin Rich (Buck 65) - By Design (7" vinyl)

mur020 Zumpano – The Only Reason Under The Sun (7" vinyl)

mur021 Local Rabbits – You Can't Touch This (CD/cass)

mur022 Richard Davies - There's Never Been A Crowd Like This (CD/cass)

mur023 Sloan – One Chord to Another (CD/cass/vinyl)

mur024 The Super Friendz – Play the Game, Not Games (10" vinyl)

mur025 The Super Friendz – Slide Show (CD/vinyl)

mur026 Sloan - Rhodes Jam (7" vinyl)

mur026 Thrush Hermit – Giddy With The Drugs / The Ugly Details (7" vinyl)

mur028 Neco Litteris Mando Excerpta 97–98 (CD sampler of The Super Friendz, Local Rabbits, The Inbreds and Sloan)

mur029 The InbredsKombinator (CD)

mur030 The Inbreds - It's Sydney or the Bush (CD)

mur031 The Inbreds - Moustache/Reason Why I'm Shy (7" vinyl)

mur032 The Vees - S/T ep (CD)

mur033(a) & mur033(b) Local Rabbits (a) British Knights Coalition: Consolidation & Strike (Stomp Your BK's Down) (b) Pops & Company (Disco Version) (7" vinyl)

mur034 The Inbreds – Winning Hearts (CD)

mur035 Local Rabbits – Basic Concept (CD)

mur036 Sloan – Navy Blues (CD/cass/vinyl)

mur037 Sloan - Smeared (CD)

mur038 Elevator Through - Original Music From the Motion Picture "The Such" (CD)

mur039 Sloan – 4 Nights at the Palais Royale (2xCD/3x vinyl)

mur040 Sloan - Between the Bridges (CD/cass/vinyl)

mur041 Sloan - Second Hand Views (VHS)

mur042 Sloan – Pretty Together (CD/vinyl)

mur043 Sloan – Never Hear The End Of It (vinyl)

mur044 Sloan - Keepin' The Tour Alive: US Action Pact Tour 2004 (vinyl)

mur047 Sloan - Parallel Play (CD/vinyl)

mur048 Sloan - Hit & Run ep (Digital)

mur049 Sloan - B-Sides Win Compilation (digital)

mur050 Sloan – The Double Cross (CD/vinyl)

mur051 Sloan – Is That All I Get? (vinyl)

mur052 Sloan - Australia 1999 (vinyl)

mur053 Sloan - Hardcore 7"/Hardcore Covers (7" vinyl & digital)

mur054 Sloan - Twice Removed (Vinyl Box/Digital)

mur055 Murderecords 7" Singles 1993-1998 (7" vinyl, book and digital)

mur056 The Super Friendz - Mock Up, Scale Down (vinyl)

mur057 Sloan - Japan 2002 (Vinyl/digital)

mur058 Sloan - Commonwealth (CD/vinyl/digital)

mur060 Sloan - One Chord to Another (Vinyl Box/Digital)

Unknown Catalogue numbers:

Pony Da Look - Shattered Dimensions

Will Currie & The Country French - A Great Stage

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