Murga Mahadeva Shrine

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Murga Mahadeva Shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva.It is located in Nuamundi mines area under Champua subdivision of Kendujhar district.Lakhs of devotees visit this place during the month of Shraavana, Kartik and during Shivaratri.It is an ancient shrine where both tribal and Brahminical system of worship are followed.The waterfalls nearby make the place marvellous.Every winter people come here for recreation and picnic.


The word Murga Mahadev originated from two words Murugan and Mahadev, which means Kartikeya and Shiva respectively in Dravidian languages. Historians opine that it is an ancient place of worshipping tribal gods which later converted to Hindu place of worship.People of Jharkhand and Orissa equally give high esteem to Shiva here.