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Muriel Anderson
Born 1960 (age 54–55)
Downers Grove, Illinois
Occupation(s) Guitarist, composer
Instruments Guitar, harp guitar
Years active 1989–present

Muriel Anderson (born 1960) is an American composer, guitarist and harp-guitarist.


Muriel Anderson was born in Downers Grove, Illinois of Finnish descent. Her grandfather was a saxophone player in John Phillip Sousa's band, and her mother was a piano teacher. At six years old, Anderson began composing her own songs. She studied classical music in college at DePaul University with Leon Borkowski. She later took master courses with classical virtuoso Christopher Parkening. In 1989 she became the first woman to win the National Fingerpicking Guitar Championship.

Anderson is founder and director of the Music For Life Alliance, which is a 501c(3) tax exempt, not for profit charity that facilitates the efforts of individuals and organizations making music learning accessible to young people who may not otherwise experience the educational, psychological, and social benefits of making music. She also founded and hosts the Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night, which donates its proceeds to the Music for Life Alliance.[1] Her music can be heard in Woody Allen's film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and her Heartstrings recording accompanied the astronauts on the space shuttle Discovery.[citation needed]

A notable project is New World Flamenco, a collaboration with Germany's renowned duo, Tierra Negra.[2] She performs in concerts and on radio shows across the globe. She resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Recordings and publications[edit]

Muriel Anderson has released 15 albums and nine videos through Truefire, Mel Bay, and Homespun—and guitar books published by Hal Leonard, Mel Bay, and Zen-On Japan. Her compositions include commissioned classical works for the Nashville Chamber Orchestra and Vox Caelestis Women’s Choir, as well title tracks for three albums by various artists. Muriel Anderson is a member of the advisory board for Mel Bay Publications.



  • Nightlight Daylight, 2013
  • Harp Guitars Under the Stars with John Doan, 2010
  • New World Flamenco with Tierra Negra, 2010
  • Harp Guitar Christmas, (pre-release November 2006)
  • Wildcat, January 2006
  • Uncut Gems, 2003
  • New Classics for Guitar and Cello, 2003
  • Theme for Two Friends (original release) 1999
  • Journey Through Time [limited Release] 2003
  • Music For Life (limited release), 2000
  • Heartstrings, (Japan release) 1998
  • Christmas in Nashville (Japan) 1998
  • A Little Christmas Gift, 1995
  • Le Duet, 1995
  • Hometown Live, 1993
  • Arioso from Paris, 1991
  • Heartstrings, 1989


  • Further Beyond Six Strings 2011
  • Brad Hoyt | Together Alone | Duets with Piano and Harp Guitar 2009
  • Harp Guitar Dreams 2009
  • Beyond Six Strings 2007
  • La Guitara 2005
  • Guitar Fingerstyle II 2001
  • Guitar Fingerstyle 1997


  • Fingerstyle Guitar Essentials - Arranging in the Key of D - DATA DVD
  • Innovations for Acoustic Guitar
  • A Guitarscape Planet 2006
  • Muriel Anderson Live in Europe, 2005
  • Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night 10th Anniversary 2004
  • Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night 2000, 2002
  • Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night, 1998, re-released 2005


A Guitarscape Planet 2006


  • Selected Guitar Works, 2000
  • All Scales in All Positions, 2000
  • All Chords in All Positions, 1996
  • Muriel Anderson Hometown Live, Songbook/CD 1998
  • Building Guitar Arrangements from the Ground Up, Book/CD, 1994
  • Chord Constellations Creative Concepts 1990


  • Instant Download- Fingerstyle Guitar Essentials - Arranging in the Key of D
  • Instant download - Innovations for Acoustic Guitar
  • The Larson Creations Guitars & Mandolins (recorded CD for book)
  • Glenn & Holly Yarbrough: Family Portrait CD (produced by Muriel Anderson, Folk Era Records 1995)


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