Muriel Drazien

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Muriel Drazien
Born(1938-09-07)September 7, 1938
DiedApril 14, 2018(2018-04-14) (aged 79)
Rome, Italy
EducationColumbia University
Occupation(s)Psychoanalyst, author
SpousePasquale Chessa

Muriel Drazien (September 7, 1938 – April 14, 2018) in New York, was a psychoanalyst working first in Paris and then in Rome, a Lacanian and one of the three Tripode[1] that fostered the teaching of Jacques Lacan in Italy.


Born in New York from parents of middle European Ashkenazi descent she was educated at Columbia University. She won a Fulbright scholarship to study medicine in Paris. There she studied psychoanalysis under the direct tuition of Jacques Lacan and went on to work with many French exponents of his discipline, including Françoise Dolto, Maud Mannoni, Moustapha Safouan. She was one of the founders of École Freudienne de Paris.[2]

Consistent with Lacan's 1973 Letter to the Italians,[3][4][5] in which she is nominated along with Contri and Verdiglione, she transferred to work in Rome, where she fostered Lacan's teaching.

In 1983, she founded the Psychoanalytic Association Cosa Freudiana [6] to which she also acted as chairperson. [7]

In 2002, in conjunction with the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and she founded the Laboratorio Freudiano [8] where she acted as both director and teacher.

She is remembered[1] as a valued member of the Association Lacanienne Internationale.[9]


Mostly in French or Italian:

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