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Muriel Lylie Porter OAM (born 15 May 1948) is an Australian journalist based in Melbourne, Victoria. She is a frequent contributor to The Age newspaper and mostly writes about issues concerning the Anglican Church of Australia in which she is a prominent layperson.[citation needed] She promotes liberal theological views and, as such, is a critic of traditional and evangelical Christianity, which she often accuses of being fundamentalist.[citation needed] She is also critical of megachurches and is a high profile advocate of the ordination of women, homosexual unions and allowing homosexual people to become clergy.[citation needed] She was involved in the formation of an Anglican submission recommending abortion be legalised in Victoria. She is also the author of several books, including the controversial[1] The New Puritans: the rise of fundamentalism in the Anglican Church.

Early life[edit]

Muriel Porter was born in Sydney, New South Wales to Richard John Carter and Thelma Edith Richards. She was educated at Riverside Girls High School in Gladesville, the University of New England, the Australian National University, the Australian Catholic University and the University of Melbourne.[2]


Porter began a career in journalism as a cadet at the Sydney Morning Herald and then worked for a number of different newspapers including the Cambridge Evening News.[citation needed]

More recently, Porter was a member of staff at RMIT University in the journalism program.[citation needed]


  • Beyond the twelve: women disciples in the Gospels (1989)
  • Women in the church: the great ordination debate in Australia (1989)
  • Land of the spirit?: the Australian religious experience (1990)
  • Sex, marriage and the church : patterns of change (1996)
  • Sex, power & the clergy (2003)
  • The new puritans: the rise of fundamentalism in the Anglican Church (2006)


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