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Murmur is the name of two fictional characters who appear in the Marvel Comics universe.

Murmur (Hellions)[edit]

Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Generation X #11
Created by Scott Lobdell
Todd Dezago
Tom Grummett
In-story information
Alter ego Allan Rennie[1]
Species Human Mutant
Team affiliations Emplate's Hellions
Abilities Teleportation

Murmur (Allan Rennie) is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe who first appeared in Generation X #11.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Not much is known of the mutant known as Murmur apart from that he was mutated into pseudo-vampiric form by Emplate. He then joined a team that Emplate gathered to torment Generation X, including Bulwark, Vincente, and DOA. In an uncharacteristic move, Emplate not only recruited mutants for his team but a human as well: a woman named Gayle Edgerton from Generation X member Chamber's past.[volume & issue needed] When Chamber's powers first manifested he had unintentionally paralyzed Gayle and Emplate offered her a chance for revenge, turning her into one of his vampiric minions as well. They were successful in capturing the young mutants, but M had telepathically called for help and it was answered by the X-Man Bishop. Vincente and Murmur teamed up to try to defeat him, but when Murmur saw that he would soon be defeated, he fled along with Bulwark. With Penance's realignment of alliances they were successful in stopping the team.[volume & issue needed]

He was de-powered after M-Day.[volume & issue needed]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Completely wrapped in bandages, Murmur could open teleportation portals in space within his line of sight, had enhanced strength and durability (like all of the Emplate minions) and had a large mouth in chest.


  • Generation X #11-12, 14

Murmur (Arlette Truffaut)[edit]

Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Alpha Flight vol. 2 -1 (July, 1997)
Created by Steven T. Seagle & Scott Clark
In-story information
Alter ego Arlette Truffaut
Species Human Mutant
Team affiliations Department H
Beta Flight
Alpha Flight
Abilities Depowered, formerly:
Mind Control,

Murmur (Arlette Truffaut) is a mutant character, a superhero in the Marvel Comics universe. She is a former member of the superhero team Alpha Flight, currently in Beta Flight.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Murmur would become part of Alpha Flight during a time when they were being heavily mentally influenced by the Canadian government. One of her main duties is to mentally control the powerful beast known as Sasquatch, which was believed to be former Alpha Flight member Walter Langowski. During one of her first missions, against the criminal organization known as Zodiac, she loses control of Sasquatch and he attacks both friend and foe. Murmur is later lost to the mental control of Mesmero, along with some of her teammates. Though she breaks free, she doesn't manage to control Sasquatch in time and he injures her. Manbot sedates Sasquatch.[volume & issue needed]

She is initially attracted to her teammate Radius but he purposely rejects her advances. In a move that puzzles Vindicator, she flirts with the now-younger Guardian, offering on more than one occasion to use her powers to make his injuries feel better.[volume & issue needed]

Murmur comes with when the team is sent to kidnap Wolverine for the supposed murder of the ex-Alpha Flight member Box.[volume & issue needed]

The team meets up with Wolverine on a heavily forested road near an abandoned gas station. Murmur and Sasquatch investigate the hopping form of the man with Wolverine, who was in reality, Sauron, a powerful mutant in his own right.[volume & issue needed]

Wolverine summons help and a fight breaks out between the two teams. It concludes on peaceful terms, due to the willingness of teammate Flex who wanted to talk instead of battle. Also, Alpha Flight is unsure of the motives behind the fight, as they have uncovered discrepancies.[volume & issue needed]

The mind-controlling leader of Alpha Flight, Jeremey Clarke, dies in a battle with the criminal organization known as Zodiac. Murmur is also shot in the leg by forces of the same group and is sidelined from action for some time. She does not take this well, expressing a need for simply physical contact, even platonic.[volume & issue needed]

Powers and abilities[edit]

She has been depowered by Decimation

Mind Manipulation: Psionic ability that allows her to manipulate others upon physical contact; by touching them they are completely under her control and obey verbal commands. Such as when she touched Puck and told him to sleep and he immediately fell asleep. She even had the power to calm the savage Sasquatch II, which was the actual Sasquatch of myth not Walter the original Sasquatch on Alpha Flight. She also has been shown to free people that were under Mesmero's control. There are two instances that show there is more to Murmur than meets the eye. When Alpha Flight was battling Mesmero, she demonstrated that she could kill a person using her power, this is not typical for a mind-controller. Another incident came when Radius was under the control of Mesmero and to break his control Murmur had to make physical contact with him. His forcefield prevents that so it's not known how she accomplished this. They later discuss it in the series, but never give a clear answer. Another odd incident was when X-Men's Maggott ordered his own maggots to attack Murmur; they ran away without even touching her. When she touched Maggott she had a flashback to Hull House where she was getting attacked by bugs and monsters, this was never explained

Teleportation: In Marvel X-Men Encyclopedia [Vol.2] they state Murmur has teleportation abilities. However, this was never fully explained. This comes from Alpha Flight's battle with the Zodiac, Murmur touched the Zodiac member named Virgo and said "Paris." Immediately Virgo vanished saying "Scorpio I'm fading awayyy", (unusual given that someone under Murmur's control usually doesn't have independent thought). Virgo ended up in Paris, France with a type of amnesia. The Zodiac did have personal teleportation devices, but how Murmur would know this is a mystery. Also how Virgo would activate it and teleport to Paris is another mystery since Taurus later had to retrieve her as her teleporter was broken. The range of Murmur's actual ability to teleport was never stated.


  • Alpha Flight vol. 2 #1-20
  • Uncanny X-Men #355
  • Alpha Flight/Inhumans Annual 1998
  • Wolverine vol. 2 #142


  1. ^ Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #4 Hardcover
  • There is a member of Hellbent known as Murmur. He had a completely black appearance and was very pliable. He first appeared and was killed in the same issue, Moon Knight vol. 3 #50, after failing to capture bloodline for Seth the Immortal.
  • In the early issues of the second series of Alpha Flight it was stated she was one of the non-mutants, the only mutants on the team being Flex and Radius, however this has obviously been changed.
  • Her last name coincides with the last name of La Nuit of X-Statix.
  • In Generation X #57, a character with a similar mummified appearance—but vastly different powers—named Wrap is with Emplate's gang. They attack the Massachusetts Academy to, once again, try and recapture Penance but their attempts are foiled. In the process, a building blows up and the M Twins are knocked free from the Penance body.

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