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Murov mountain in Azerbaijan-Caucasus3.jpg
Highest point
Elevation3,724 m (12,218 ft)
Length70 km (43 mi)
Native nameMurovdağ/Mrav
Murovdag is located in Caucasus mountains
Location of the mountain
CountryDe jure: Azerbaijan
De facto: Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (southern slopes)
and Azerbaijan (northern slopes)
Range coordinates40°16′00″N 46°19′00″E / 40.2667°N 46.3167°E / 40.2667; 46.3167Coordinates: 40°16′00″N 46°19′00″E / 40.2667°N 46.3167°E / 40.2667; 46.3167

The Murovdağ (also spelled as Murovdagh, Azerbaijani: Murovdağ) or Mrav[1][2] (Armenian: Մռավի լեռնաշղթա - Mravi Lernash'ghta) is the highest mountain range in the Lesser Caucasus. The range is about 70 kilometres (43 mi) long, and Gamish Mountain is its highest peak at 3,724 metres (12,218 ft). It is made up mainly of Jurassic, Cretaceous and Paleogene rocks.[3]

The Murovdağ ridge extends north from Hinaldag Peak through Gamish (or Gomshasar) Mountain. The northeastern slope features a group of scenic lakes, including Göygöl near the northern slope. The Karabakh Plateau extends from the south of Murovdağ. Fir and spruce forests are spread as far southeast as the Murovdağ. The summer mountain pastures of Murovdağ were traditionally used by Azerbaijani and Armenian shepherds.

The mountain ridge forms the northern part of the line of contact separating the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic from Azerbaijan. Its southern slopes run through the Martakert region of Nagorno-Karabakh.[1]


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