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Murr Television
Murr tv.png
Launched 7 November 1991 (original);
7 April 2009 (relaunch)
Closed 2002–2009
Picture format 4:3 (720p, SDTV)
Country Lebanon
Language Arabic
Broadcast area Lebanon
Arab World
European Union
United States
Headquarters Naccache, Lebanon
Eco Net 12120 MHz - HORIZONTAL - 31250 -7/8
CableVision 11960 MHz - HORIZONTAL - 30000 – 2/3 (DVBS2-8PSK)
Digitek 12100 MHz - VERTICAL - 28175 -7/8
Nilesat NILESAT / EUTELSAT 7WA @ 7.3 DEGREES WEST - 12360 MHz - VERTICAL -27500 - 3/4 TpE34
Intelsat 19 @ 166 DEGREES EAST - 12646 MHz - HORIZONTAL - 28066 - 3/4 Tp20K- MYSAT[1] ARABIC BOUQUET.
INTELSAT 21\INTELSAT 21 @ 58 DEGREES WEST - 4120 MHz - VERTICAL - 27500 - 3/4 Tp21 - FREE TO AIR (Targeting both South and North America) requires a big size Dish Antenna.
ANIK F3 @ 119 DEGREES WEST - 12050 - RIGHT - 20000 - 3/4 Tp23 (North America) - DISH NETWORK ARABIC BOUQUET.[2]
Numericable (France) Channel 660 (SD)
Freebox TV (France) Channel 654 (SD)
Streaming media
MTV Live Free
freeTVRadio TBA

Murr Television (marketed and widely known as MTV Lebanon) is a Lebanese television station based in Naccache, Metn District. Michel El Murr, is its Chairman and CEO.[3]


Early Stages[edit]

MTV was established in 1991[3] as a TV channel that sought to cater to the complexity and richness of its Lebanese viewers’ identity by creating a balanced mix of local, Arab, and western media content, with a special emphasis on producing local programming that is tailored to its audience and reflects their aspirations and values.

Embarking on the Political Scene[edit]

In November 1994, MTV embarked on the political scene,[4] launching its local news broadcasts along with a number of distinct political and socio-economic shows.

MTV Shut Down[edit]

In 2002, the Government, engaged in an unlawful process, illegally shut MTV down[5] indefinitely. On August 16, 2005, the Lebanese Parliament voted unanimously for the amendment of the Electoral Law, after which the rights of MTV were re-instituted[6] along with those of an entire sector and public.

MTV Today[edit]

In 2009 MTV has re-launched to continue on its mission and vision and has fast become a leader on the local and regional TV scene.[7][8] MTV is well known for its hot hosts and news anchors which generates an even larger follower-base.[9]

"Throughout the days MTV was closed, I never once thought it would live again – because it never died, thanks to you." Chairman & CEO Michel Gabriel El Murr


Production Arm[edit]

All MTV productions are done at Studiovision,[27] a leading regional production powerhouse with studios in Lebanon and Dubai. The partnership with Studiovision has helped throughout the years develop groundbreaking programming of the highest production quality, throughout the years, whereby most successful regional shows are produced by Studiovision and aired on MTV.

Website & Mobile Application[edit]

MTV is the pioneer leading website in Lebanon amid news portals and broadcasters. The website is a combination of news and TV shows. Moreover, it provides many other services for instance "Live Streaming". It works on mobile devices, tablets and desktops. MTV has won several trophies over the past years. The most fundamental ones are the Golden Award from "Pan Arab Web Awards"[28] for the best strategic TV portal among all TVs and media in Lebanon. And it has recently merited the Diamond Award[28][29] for "the superlative application of the year" amongst all industries in the MENA region."


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