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A tin of Murray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade.
A range of Murray's products in a Dutch drugstore.

Murray's Superior Products Co. is a hair pomade company founded in 1925, best known for creating Murray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade. Since then, the original Murray's remains a popular pomade in drug stores and grocery stores. The original Murray's is an oil based pomade with a very thick and waxy consistency,


Murray's was originally developed as a heavy-holding waxy pomade by C.D. Murray in 1925. The target consumer was initially African Americans, however the pomade reached out to a wider audience beyond the projected group of consumers. Murray believed that it could be a quality, inexpensive, and successful product and thus began to sell it out of his Chicago barbershop. In 1959 a pharmacist named Harry Berlin began to sell it from his Detroit pharmacy, working closely with Murray's family to market the product.

As of 2017, the Murray's company produces a variety of different products out of their Detroit-based factory.


The Murray's Pomade company currently includes, but is not limited to, the following range of products[1]:

Murray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade (Original)

Murray's Super Light

Murray's Xtra Heavy Pomade

Murray's Nu Nile Slick Hair Dressing Pomade

Murray's eXelento (purple tin)

Murray's eXelento Brilliantine Hair Pomade (yellow tin)

Murray's Small Batch 50/50

Murray's Beeswax

Murray's Black Beeswax

Murray's Cream Beewax

Murray's Style Creator Pomade

Murray's Lay-em-Strait Gel Pomade

Murray's Barber Experience Beard Balm

Murray's EdgeWax

Murray's EdgeWax Extreme Hold

Murray's CD's Shampoo

Murray's Pro Results Line


Murray's Superior is notoriously difficult to wash out compared to most oil based pomades. On their website, Murray's says to wash hair with dishwashing liquid. [2]


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