Murray Banks

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Dr. Murray Banks
Born (1917-07-17)17 July 1917
New York, New York (unverified)
Died 26 August 2008(2008-08-26) (aged 91)
Rockaway Park, Queens, NY
Medium Lecturer, records, books
Alma mater Columbia University
Genres Observational comedy
Subject(s) American culture, Self-Help, human behavior, psychology
Notable works and roles "Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined".

Dr. Murray Banks was one of the most sought after speakers in America in the 1950/60s.[1] Banks was a clinical psychologist, and was formerly a full professor of psychology at Long Island University, and at Pace College, NYC, where he headed the psychology department for over five years. He was also a visiting professor and special lecturer on various subjects at the University at North Carolina, New York University, Temple University, New Jersey State Teachers College, University of Pittsburgh, and Brooklyn College.


Comedy albums[2][edit]

  • What YOU can learn from the Kinsey Report (Audio Masterworks, 1956)[3]
  • The Drama of Sex (1960)
  • Just in case you think you're normal (1961)
  • Dr. Murray Banks tells Jewish Stories Mit Psychology (1961)
  • Dr. Murray Banks Tells more Jewish Stories Mit Psychology (1964)
  • How to live with yourself...or what to do until psychiatrist comes (1965)
  • A Lesson in Love
  • How to quit smoking in six days or drop dead in seven (1965)
  • Anyone who goes to a shrink should have their head examined (1971)


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