Murray Barracks

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Murray Barracks
Hong Kong
Parade Ground.jpg
Parade Ground (published 1907)
Murray Barracks is located in Hong Kong
Murray Barracks
Murray Barracks
Location within Hong Kong
Coordinates22°16′41″N 114°09′40″E / 22.278°N 114.161°E / 22.278; 114.161Coordinates: 22°16′41″N 114°09′40″E / 22.278°N 114.161°E / 22.278; 114.161
Site history
Builtcirca 1850
Built forWar Office
In use1850–Present

Murray Barracks (Chinese: 美利兵房) was a barracks for the British Army garrisoned in Admiralty, Central in Hong Kong. It was named after Sir George Murray, the Master-General of the Ordnance at the time of construction.


It was situated between present Garden Road and Cotton Tree Drive. The Barracks was located at present Asia Pacific Centre and the Officer's Quarters, also known as Officer's Mess, was located at present Bank of China Tower, close to Queen's Road, (present-day Queensway). Across Garden Road was Murray Parade Ground (美利操場) and Queen's Road North Barracks, which was later known as Wellington Barracks.[1]

Further west of the parade ground, behind Battery Path, stood the Murray Battery.[2]

Officer's Quarter[edit]

Murray House in Stanley in 2007.

The quarter was known as Officer's Mess in the early days of Hong Kong. It was later renamed Murray House. Before the construction of Bank of China Tower, Murray House was dismantled brick-by-brick in the mid-1980s and later rebuilt in Stanley.[3]

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