Murray Lachlan Young

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Murray Lachlan Young
Born United States
Occupation Poet
Nationality British

Murray Lachlan Young is a British performance poet whose humorous work enjoyed a spectacular but brief vogue during the mid-1990s. He was the first poet to be given a £1 million record deal,[1] when he signed to EMI amid a blaze of publicity in 1996. He released one album, Vice And Verse. This was accompanied by his written work 'Casual Sex & Other Verse'

Young was born in the United States to a Scottish father and an English mother.[2] He was living and working in west Cornwall but he left to live in London.

Young had a small role as a gallows poet in the film Plunkett and MacLeane (1999). He also played the brother of Louis XIV in the 2000 film Vatel.[3] He played the part of 'Annoying Party Guest' in the 2002 film About a Boy. Further published works have been promised by the author, and those interested in seeing this come to fruition are directed to

Young is now a regular poet on BBC Radio 4's Saturday Live as well as being the resident poet on BBC 6 Music. He has also performed several times at the Glastonbury festival and continues to tour nationally as well as residencies at The Union Club, Soho and The Arts Club in Dover St.

There has been growing demand for Mr Young to be named as Britain's next 'Poet Laureate' and there is a Facebook page dedicated to this cause (Murray Lachlan Young Poet Laureate), although The Palace has yet to approve this position for him.

Young married the singer Zoë and had two children but they separated in 2009.[1]


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