Murray Sabrin

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Murray Sabrin
Murray Sabrin by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Sabrin in 2017
Born (1946-12-21) December 21, 1946 (age 71)
Bad Wörishofen, Germany
Nationality American
Institution Ramapo College of New Jersey
Field Financial economics
School or
Austrian School of Economics
Alma mater Rutgers University
Lehman College
Hunter College

Murray Sabrin (born December 21, 1946) is a professor of finance in the Anisfield School of Business at Ramapo College in New Jersey.[1] In 2008 he was a candidate for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate in New Jersey.[2] He lost in the Republican primary to Dick Zimmer, a former member of the House of Representatives. He sought the Republican nomination to challenge Senator Cory Booker in 2014,[3] but was defeated in the primaries by Jeff Bell, a former presidential speechwriter. In January 2018 he announced his intention to run for the U.S. Senate under the New Jersey Libertarian Party.[4]

Family, education, and affiliations[edit]

Sabrin was born in Bad Wörishofen, Germany on December 21, 1946. Sabrin's parents, being of Jewish ancestry, were among the only in his family tree to survive the Holocaust.[5] Sabrin has said "during World War Two, my father, a Jewish resistance fighter in Lithuania, fought for his freedom and his life with a gun. I'm alive today because of him."[6] Sabrin arrived in the U.S. with his older brother and parents in August 1949 and became a United States citizen in 1959. He lives with his wife, Florence, in Fort Lee, New Jersey.[7]

Sabrin has a Ph.D. in geography from Rutgers University, an M.A. in social studies education from Lehman College and a B.A. in history, geography and social studies education.[8] Sabrin has worked in commercial real estate sales and marketing, personal portfolio management, and economic research.[7]

Sabrin used to be executive director of the Center for Business and Public Policy at Ramapo College,[1] and is the author of Tax Free 2000: The Rebirth of American Liberty.

Policy advocacy and opinion writing[edit]

Sabrin's articles have appeared in The Record (Hackensack, New Jersey), The Star Ledger, Trenton Times, and the Asbury Park Press. His essays have also appeared in Commerce Magazine, Mid-Atlantic Journal of Business, and Privatization Review, and[9] Sabrin is a contributing columnist for NJBIZ[10] and writes a column on the economy for START-IT magazine. Sabrin is a regular columnist for NJVoices[11] and USADaily.[12][13] He is writing a book on politics, the economy and culture titled Velvet Fascism: How the Political Elites Transformed America.[7]

Political career[edit]

Sabrin was the 1997 Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate in New Jersey, and the first third party candidate to receive matching funds and participate in three official debates.[14] He garnered 5% of the vote in the election, a factor which contributed to the near-defeat of incumbent Governor Christine Todd Whitman (who had previously been viewed as a rising star in the national GOP) by Democratic nominee Jim McGreevey. Sabrin left the Libertarian Party, and was a candidate for the Republican Party nomination for the United States Senate representing New Jersey where he faced Republican state Senator Joseph Pennacchio and former Republican Congressman Dick Zimmer.[15] Promoting limited government and noninterventionism, he received endorsements from the Republican Liberty Caucus[16] and U.S. Presidential candidate Ron Paul.[17] He was defeated in the Republican primary, garnering 14% of the vote, behind Zimmer (46%) and Pennacchio (40%).[18] He sought election to the same seat in 2014[19] before losing the Republican primary on June 3, 2014 to Jeff Bell.[20]

Political positions[edit]


Sabrin is pro-life.[21] During the 2014 election, he wrote a letter criticizing Senate candidate Brian Goldberg on his pro-choice position.[22]

Foreign policy[edit]

Sabrin is an outspoken supporter of a non-interventionist foreign policy.[22]



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