Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail

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Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail
Length 95 km
Difficulty Easy to medium
Hills Small undulating hills; Beechworth branch involves extended climb
Hazards Uncontrolled crossings of major highways
Water Available in most towns
Path Sealed, some sections of compact gravel
Connecting Transport
Trains Melbourne-Sydney line to start of route at Wangaratta

The Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail is a cycling and walking rail trail in northern Victoria, Australia. It extends from Wangaratta to Bright, with a side branch to Beechworth, following the route of the former Bright railway line. Unusually for a rail trail, it is sealed for virtually the entire distance of approximately 95 kilometres.

Another section, from Rutherglen to Wahgunyah on the Murray was completed in 2009. There is an on-road "preferred route" connecting Rutherglen to Bowser via Chiltern.[1] A third section extends south from Wangaratta to Oxley, connecting with a bike path from there to Milawa.


Map of two sections of the rail trail.

Landmarks are as follows:

Map of the Rutherglen-Wagunyah section of the Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail.


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