Murree beer

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Murree beer
TypeLager, Ale and Stout
ManufacturerMurree Brewery, Pakistan
Country of originPakistan
Alcohol by volume6 %, 8%, 10%, 12%
VariantsMurree's Classic Lager
Murree's Millennium Brew
Murree's Special Strong

Murree beer is a Pakistani beer manufactured by Murree Brewery. Murree beer is the most popular beer of Pakistan as Murree brewery is the only producer of beer in Pakistan while legal import of foreign beers is prohibited in Pakistan.[1] It is often known as "Pakistan's legendary beer".[2][3] Telegraph called it a "world class lager".[4] Murree Beer was awarded a medal for excellence at the Philadelphia Exhibition in 1876 and in the 1867 World Fair.[5][6]


After end of colonial India's first war of independence in 1857, the British Crown formally extended its sovereignty over India, a structured administration commenced in the Punjab region. To meet the demand for beer among the British military and civilian personnel, the Murree Brewery was established in 1860.

Peak of beer production was during World War II, when Murree brewery produced 1.6 million gallons of Murree beer a year. The boom ended when Pakistan achieved independence from Britain in 1947. Moreover, beer lost most of its market after the partition of India. The new Islamic republic of Pakistan barred Muslims from drinking alcohol in addition to prohibiting export of alcohol.[7]


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