Murrisk Abbey

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Murrisk Abbey

The Murrisk Augustinian Friary, located in County Mayo, Ireland, was founded on lands granted by Thady O'Malley in 1457 by Hugh O'Malley of Banada Friary, County Sligo who was granted permission by Pope Calluistus to establish a Church and Priory at Croagh Patrick because "the inhabitants of those parts have not hitherto been instructed in their faith.". The Friary is built on the site reputed to be that of the original church founded by St. Patrick.

All that is left of Murrisk Abbey today are ruins consisting of a church with one central aisle (with battlemented walls and a fine east window), and the east wing of the Friary buildings. Behind the main altar space, the east window is the finest feature of the ruins. There was a belfry tower at the west end of the church, all that now survives of this tower is a vault. The church also contained the tombs of the family that founded it.

Despite being suppressed at the reformation, the Friary continued until 1577 when the friars were driven out - in common with other Augsutinian Friaries, the friars remained locally ministering to their people.


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Coordinates: 53°46′55″N 9°38′22″W / 53.7820°N 9.6395°W / 53.7820; -9.6395