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Directed byR. T. Neason
Produced byRam Senthil
Written byR. T. Neason
Music byKarthik Raja
Cocktail Dream Productions
Release date
  • 7 March 2007 (2007-03-07) (India)

Muruga is a 2007 Tamil Indian film written and directed by R. T. Neason and starring Ashok, Shruti Sharma and Vadivelu.[1] The story, screenplay and dialogues are by RT Neason, who has worked as an assistant to Udayasankar and Vincent Selva. Ram Senthil’s Cocktail Dream Productions distributed the movie. The camera operator was Padmesh and the music is by Kartik Raja.[2][3][4]


Murugan (Ashok) falls in love with his schoolmate Amudha (Shruti Sharma), a rich girl who does not love him in return. When the news of Murugan's love reaches her family, Amudha's uncle Selvam (Riyaz Khan) tries to kill him, ultimately banishing Murugan and his mother from the village. Saddened, Murugan goes to Chennai and ends up with a job as a delivery boy. Having given up all hope of ever seeing Amutha again, he bumps into her when making a delivery at a medical college. Forgetting the past and her family's issues, the two become good friends, and this friendship develops into love. After completing her studies, Amutha returns to the village, only to discover that wedding preparations are underway as her parents had arranged for her to marry Selvam. Finally, Murugan and Amudha succeed in getting married with Amudha's father's blessings.



India Glitz congratulated debutant director R. T. Neason for not creating a formulaic Tamil film. Ashok and Sruthi Sharma were praised for making the best advantage of their roles, but Vadivelu's character's humour was panned. Special note was taken of Mahadevan for the solidity he brought to his character, and to the musical score created by Karthik Raja. While noting that the film's length could have benefited from trimming, the reviewer wrote, "The director has made an honest and sincere attempt to give a film which has a good storyline and interesting screenplay."[4]

Oneindia' review felt the film did not make an impact. While appreciating Vadivelu's humour, it expected more from the comedian. Regarding RT Neason writing the story, screenplay and script, it felt he "managed to bring out the difference between puppy love and mature love," but expanded that "he has failed to bring the entire episode with heart touching scenes." It was positive toward the cinematography of Padmesh, and wrote that "Karthik Raja's tunes keep the viewers in the seat. All the five songs make you want to sing along." It praised Ashok, noting that while he was an industry newcomer, "his dancing agility and performance in action scenes make you think he is an experienced actor. A welcome hero to the industry - he should concentrate a little more on his physique." It were less supportive of Shruti Sharma, noting that she did not attract the viewers because the director "failed to use Samiksha in 'proper' manner. She was featured only in one song." The review concluded, "If the Director conceived more twistful and interesting sequences in the screenplay, the film could be more enjoyable."[3]


The film's soundtrack had its official launch in November 2006.[2]

Track list[edit]

  1. "Kuthuna" by Shankar Mahadevan[5]
  2. "En Kathali" by Karthik[5]
  3. "Chinnanchiru Chitte" by Vineeth Srinivasan and Sangeetha[5]
  4. "Melathe Kottu" by Tippu, Sujatha and Malgudi Subha[5]
  5. "Pollatha Kirukku" by Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghosal[5]


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