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Mus may refer to:


  • Mus, a file extension used by Finale
  • MUS, the internal music format used in Doom

Three-letter acronyms[edit]


  • Anders Mus (died 1535), Danish civil servant in Norway
  • Conny Mus (1950–2010), Dutch journalist, best known as a correspondent for RTL Nieuws in Israel and the Middle East
  • Gus Mus (born 1944), Islamic leader from Indonesia affiliated to Nahdlatul Ulama
  • Italo Mus (1892–1967), Italian impressionist painter
  • Paul Mus (1902–1969), French author and scholar of Vietnam and other Southeast Asian cultures
  • Publius Decius Mus (disambiguation), three ancient Romans from the same family
  • MUS Muhammad Usman Siddiqui, Youngest Entrepreneur from Pakistan



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